The Cottage Bed & Breakfast offers privacyOur policies include:

  • Reservations held with a check or credit card (VISA/MC). Make checks payable to: The Cottage Bed and Breakfast.
  • 2-day weekend bookings required May – October. Check for 1-day availability by phone only.
  • No charges will be made if cancellations are received 10 days prior to the reservation date.
  • If less than 10 days you will be charged, and a gift certificate will be sent if the room can be re-booked.
  • If you fail to cancel or are a no-show, you will be charged, and no gift certificate sent.
  • If you hold with a gift certificate and are a no-show, the gift certificate will be considered void.

We are sorry, we are unable to accommodate smoking, pets or children.